Aaron Roden | Kindergarten

Hey folks! My name is Aaron Roden, but I am commonly known as Mr. Aaron around these parts. I am the leader of the kindergarten pack here at Sacred Heart. I grew up in Port Washington, WI and then went to college at St. Norbert where I studied early childhood education. I also coach the Reedsburg boys cross country team in the fall. You’re probably wondering what a kindergarten teacher diet is to maintain high levels of energy and patience. It is a lot of coffee, water, beef jerky, and protein. You’re also probably wondering what does a kindergarten teacher like myself do to stay sane throughout the school year; well I like to run, powerlift, eat, and most importantly I turn to prayer and the Scriptures. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and even though we are in a bizarre time I feel very fortunate to be teaching again this school year. “Always forward, never back.” St. Junipero Serra