Mary Baumgarten | 1st Grade

Hello, my name is Mary Baumgarten, or Mrs. B. I have lived in Reedsburg for the last 29 years. I was raised in a small town near Milwaukee and attended Catholic school for eight years. I loved the feeling of family and belonging that I found there. I am the eighth of nine children and all of my brothers and sisters and I attended this school. The teachers knew me, my siblings and my parents. That is one of the things I loved, 29 years ago, when I first came to Sacred Heart. I quickly learned that this is more than a school. It is a place that nurtures children in their faith, their learning and their life. We are a family here at Sacred Heart. I often say that your children may leave my classroom at the end of the year, but they never leave my heart-they are always going to be my “kids”. I love seeing them as they grow and when they have grown into adults and have children of their own. I have been a teacher here so long that I have now had the children of some of my first students. I love that the education they received here is important to them and is something that they want to have passed on to their own children.

Another thing I love about being a teacher here at Sacred Heart is that I can share my love of Jesus with my students. Throughout my life, I have learned to lean on the Lord for strength and guidance. Passing this on to my students is why I believe Christ led me to this school, and why He has increased my desire to remain a Catholic school teacher. Being a teacher is more than just a job for me. It is my passion. I was blessed to have a teacher a long time ago who impacted my life and made me want to be a teacher. God truly has blessed my life with your children.