Tina Mortiz | 6th Grade HR/MS Religion/Pre-Algebra/Algebra

“I was raised in a little town called Rochester, Wisconsin, (and yes, there is a Rochester in Wisconsin!) which had roots with the Underground Railroad running below it. My parents currently still live in our family home, which was the residence of the Chancellor for the former Racine Agricultural school. While the school has long since been demolished, I grew an innate appreciation for what history teaches us living in such a historic home and town.

Today we are making history as well. As we traverse this historic time of the unknowns due to the pandemic, I find that God is working even now and how truly important it is to put my faith in Him. Therefore, I have developed an even greater depth of appreciation for history and grown ever deeper in my catholic faith. When I was younger, I was significantly influenced by the compassion of my middle school math teacher and realized I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. I attended school at UW-Oshkosh where I received my bachelors of science in Education. (Oh, and I love volleyball so I played here for a bit too, but there is no degree for that. I married just after college and actually began teaching much later (apparently settling down and starting a family takes time…?). I have been all around the area schools, but settled and found a home here at Sacred Heart School around 2011, where I have taught a total of 11 years now. I have also had the privilege of bringing my two boys to school with¬† me for many years; one is still here at Sacred Heart School and the other one now is at Wisconsin Dells High School.¬† The best thing about me is my perseverance. I truly kick into my “best self” in the most challenging of circumstances, so I am ready for whatever this year may bring and I sincerely look forward to carrying us through.”