Tina Mortiz | MS Algebra/Pre-Algebra/8th Grade Religion

I have small-town roots as I grew up in Rochester, Wisconsin in the old Head-Master’s house for the Racine Agricultural school.  Our family farmed to make our way, and as the oldest of six children that meant great responsibility.  I was also raised Catholic through St. Thomas Aquinas School in Waterford, WI.  I believe all of my childhood experiences shaped me to dream big, and I was the first of my family to go on and earn a Bachelor degree, attending UW-Oshkosh.
My husband and I first moved the the city of Reedsburg in 2005 and rehabbed a small home.  In 2008, just before the floods, we built a home in the Town of Dellona and have remained there since.  I have two boys who continue to grow immensely and have both graduated from Sacred Heart School as well, now attending the Wisconsin Dells High School.  Our favorite family “to-do’s” are: visiting family, being on the water (any water), attending Mallard’s games, playing basketball, soccer, baseball (or my preference volleyball), and playing cards (particularly with GPA Moritz).  Raising our family in the Reedsburg community has been a special treat, as it is so much like the community that I grew up in.
Throughout all this time, the Lord has called me in different ways.  First to being a teacher, then a wife, mother, coach, catechist, and so much more.  In every way He has directed my path.  I have put up obstacles, but He continues to find ways to break them down.  I have learned that each time He directs my path, life becomes just that much more beautiful and fulfilling.  In the last few years, I have taken on more work with the church and parish of Sacred Heart.  Today, I teach math and religion with Sacred Heart School for part of my days, but am also the coordinator of all religious education within the parish as well.  I look forward to where the Lord will lead us this year as a school and parish, and entrust with Him all that we will do.